Our Mission

X5soft automatically collects visitor reviews, and displays them as a widget on your website. We are creating valuable user-generated content that directly enhances your online reputation and SEO - all at the lowest cost per review.

Trust impacts every buyer decision. While there are some things that you as a website owner can do to help build trust, often the most effective trust-building tools come through 3rd party social proof and online security solutions. Here at x5soft, our goal is to create the best tools online to help you to establish the highest possible level of trust and transparency with your customers in the shortest amount of time.

X5soft Trust Widget
X5soft Trust Widget
X5soft Trust Widget
X5soft Trust Widget
X5soft Trust Widget

Simple, Free! one-line integration with your website

Just copy script below & insert into your website head tag. Thats it - widget installed. You are ready to collect reviews.

<script async src="//x5soft.com/api/iz.js" owner="mail@gmail.com" icon="#ffd700" auto="0" position="BR" style="black"></script>

Trust Level Measure

We provide a widget to measure level of trust to your website from your visitors. It's percentage based and has a range from zero to 100% based on visitor votes.

Easy Configuration

We provide multiple widget styles to suite your website needs. Possible variants: white, black, gray, blue, magenta &

Full Automation

There are many reasons why x5soft is your best choice for reputation management, collecting reviews, improving SEO and growing your business.

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